June 22nd Update

Tonight was scheduled to be Devin’s last amateur fight, before going pro.  There are many things to be sad about tonight, as the fights go on without him.

There are also many things to be happy about; Devin has been moving his left arm.  Something he could  not do a week ago!  They have been working him pretty hard at the rehab trauma center.  It’s been rough, but Devin is a fighter.  He has been out in a wheelchair enjoying some fresh air and sunshine for the first time in 5 weeks.  He has been spending more and more time off of the vent, building up the muscles needed to learn to breathe in new way.  Jacqui, Justin and Tayler continue to stay in San Jose for love and support for Devin.  If you can make it there to visit, please do!  Visitors make such a tremendous difference.  Please keep praying for Devin and his family.  God is hearing your prayers and has already been working miracles!

The fights may be going on with out Devin tonight, but tonight he is already fighting the greatest battle of his life.  Please keep praying for our Devin!

Out of the ICU and on to San Jose!

Devin had been making great progress in the NSICU.  They moved him out of the unit last week after spending 3 weeks there.   He had been having some trouble with his lungs and had developed pneumonia, which is a very common complication with a spinal cord injury.  He has been fighting the pneumonia since his first week hospitalized.  He has been awake now for over 2 weeks.  His lungs are almost cleared up and he has been working very hard to get off of the ventilator.   In fact he spent 4 hours breathing all on his own 2 days ago!  Quite an accomplishment, since all of the muscles that typically work to breathe for us, have been paralyzed in Devin.  He needs to learn to breathe on his own by using a whole different set of muscles than most of us.

He continues to make progress in moving his right arm.  In the 2 weeks that he has been awake he has learned to use his bicep to control his arm movements.  Typically we use the bicep and triceps for arm movement, but Devin does not have control of his triceps just yet.  His fight manger and good friend Dave bought him an iPad, and he typed his first message on it (to Dave) yesterday with the help of a stylus!  Things have been way more relaxed for Devin being out of the ICU unit.  He is not having to deal with as much medical staff constantly on him, something that he has been enjoying.  His mom and Tayler on the other hand have had a bit more to worry about with him being moved as there is not a 1/1 ratio of nurse to patient on his new floor and if his stats drop or anything goes awry there is not a specially trained nurse  right outside of his room at all times.  Everyone adjusted pretty well, all things considered.  Jacqui and Tayler have also said the bed that is in Devin’s room for visitors is not so comfy.

Today a very exciting step has happened.  Devin has been transferred to the Santa Clara Valley medical center in San Jose to be a patient at their nationally recognized and accredited SCI (Spinal Cord Injury) rehab facility!    We couldn’t be more excited.  He was transferred by ambulance and Jacqui and Tayler are down there too.  A wonderful family that our family has been friends with for more than 30 years have been kind enough to let Jacqui and Tayler use their 5th wheel to stay in for the duration of Devin’s rehab stay.  Thanks so much to the Lyons family!  Devin will be in a special unit within the rehab that takes care of patients that are vent dependent and they take a very special approach to weaning them off the vent.  They tell us that  with the settings Devin is on and with his injury level that they have a 98% success rate in getting patients off the vent.

I will update as soon as I hear anything about how things are going at rehab.  Devin is using his Facebook so if you would like to write him some well wishes, please do!

Devin’s Story

Devin’s Story.

5:00 news, Feature Story on Devin

The channel 10 Sacramento news station was down at UC Davis today to do a feature story on Devin.  Please check out the link to see the story.  It has fight video, pictures, an interview with his doctor and an interview with his girlfriend Tayler.


We have had 3,000 hits on this site today!  So awesome, please keep spreading the word.  Just think, if each person that visited today gave just $1 each we would have collected at least $3,000 to go towards Devin’s recovery.  Please keep sharing, please keep giving, and please keep praying!

Devin’s Story

Devin’s Story.




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