June 22nd Update

Tonight was scheduled to be Devin’s last amateur fight, before going pro.  There are many things to be sad about tonight, as the fights go on without him.

There are also many things to be happy about; Devin has been moving his left arm.  Something he could  not do a week ago!  They have been working him pretty hard at the rehab trauma center.  It’s been rough, but Devin is a fighter.  He has been out in a wheelchair enjoying some fresh air and sunshine for the first time in 5 weeks.  He has been spending more and more time off of the vent, building up the muscles needed to learn to breathe in new way.  Jacqui, Justin and Tayler continue to stay in San Jose for love and support for Devin.  If you can make it there to visit, please do!  Visitors make such a tremendous difference.  Please keep praying for Devin and his family.  God is hearing your prayers and has already been working miracles!

The fights may be going on with out Devin tonight, but tonight he is already fighting the greatest battle of his life.  Please keep praying for our Devin!

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